Music in Rome

he Musica of Rome is intensely active. The venues for live music include the Theater of the Opera, which was built in the 1880s in the building boom to expand the capital of the new nation state of Italy. The theater has seen the premieres of many famous works, including Tosca and Cavalleria rusticana. It has hosted memorable events such as Visconti's staging of The Marriage of Figaro. The theater has a permanent orchestra, choir and ballet company, and now boasts a multimedia historical archive. Likewise, the National Academy of Santa Cecilia was authorized by Pope Gregory XIII in 1566 and has remained one of the most prestigious musical organizations in the world. Among other notable venues in Rome, we have the Santa Cecilia music conservatory, the Roman Philharmonic Academy (Accademia Filarmonica Romana), the Lazio Symphony orchestra, the Youth Symphony of Rome, the Parco della Musica, and the Aula Magna of the Sapienza University.

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