Starting Your Day Right in Rome

Rome has no dearth of landmarks: Pantheon, Colosseum, St. Peter's Square, Circus Maximus, Pyramid of Cestius, and many more. One such contemporary phenomenon is Campo de' Fiori, which is an open air market in Rome that a lot of people love. It is also a market that a lot of people love to hate. The open air market in Campo de' Fiori is undeniably one of Rome's most famous. Much of this has to do with its location. It is pretty much the only open air market left in the center of Rome (except for the one in Trastevere). All of Rome's rioni, or neighborhoods used to have an open air market. Likewise, one of the favorite places for locals come here for their daily bread, a few brutti ma buoni biscotti, and a panettone at Christmas, is the Roscioli bakery.

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