Cinque Terre-coast hike-Italy

The Cinque Terre boasts some of the best coastline hiking trails in the world. The trail closest to the water is marked as No. 2. The path from Riomaggiore to Manarola is called the Via Dell'Amore (or roughly "Street of the loving"). This is a paved path that is easy to walk for any age. This trail has been closed since rock slide injured several tourists in 2012. Only the side starting from Manarola is open for a short distance and is wheelchair accessible. Mid-way down the path, you will come across 'The Lover's Lock' which is a place to seal your eternal love. This custom follows the italian fad that was started by the film Tre Metri Sopra il Cielo. At this point there is a 'loveseat' in the shape of a male and female locked in a kiss, where many couples pose. An alternate trail that is very steep with large uneven rock stairs climbs over the cliffs and connects Riomaggiore to Manarola.

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