Walking Tour of Cambodia

The "Kingdom of Cambodia" is the official English name of the country. The English "Cambodia" is an anglicisation of the French "Cambodge", which in turn is the French transliteration of the Khmer Kampuchea. Kampuchea is the shortened alternative to the country's official name in Khmer, Preah Reacheanachak Kampuchea. The Khmer endonym Kampuchea derives from the Sanskrit name Kambojadeśa, composed of desa ("land of" or "country of") and Kambojas, which alludes to the foundation myths of the first ancient Khmer kingdom. Colloquially, Cambodians refer to their country as either Srok Khmer, meaning "Khmer's Land", or the slightly more formal Prateh Kampuchea, literally "Country of Kampuchea". The name "Cambodia" is used most often in the Western world while "Kampuchea" is more widely used in the East.

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