4 Fried Rice Recipes Inspired by South-East Asia that Kids Love

There is no recipe for fried rice as such. Yet, this stir-fried combination of cooked rice, vegetables, eggs, seafood, and meat has made its presence felt all across the globe. Originally from Southeast Asia, this flavorful food recipe is a delight to eat and the intriguing part? You can practically combine any ingredient, even the leftovers from last night with any rice to create a unique dish. Today, we bring to you four lip-smackingly good fried rice recipes that are inspired by the quaint, yet buzzing food streets of Southeast Asia and carry a distinctive undertone of Asian flavors. Along with the staples such as vegetables, eggs, and soy sauce, these dishes also have other ingredients that are usually unheard of in the traditional fried rice preparations. So, get your notebooks, sit back, and behold!

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