4 Burger Recipes That are Mind-blowingly Delicious

Burgers! What an amazingly tasty, yet deceptively simple food. Literally, there are millions of food trucks and road-side stalls spread across the globe that create and sell thousands of variations of these burgers. After all, it is just a sauteed bun encompassing a deep-fried patty. In reality; however, burgers are way more complex and each packs a tonne of flavors. And just like that, each burger becomes surprisingly unique and scrumptious than the other. For example, the classic beef cheeseburger from the USA uses ground beef, cheddar, beef jerky and an array of sauces that compliment the beef patty. On the other hand, the French beef burger is mainly ground beef, Comte cheese, and caramelized onions. Both the versions might use similar ingredients including beef and cheese; however, taste mind-blowingly delicious and doubtlessly distinctive. To help you evolve your knowledge and palate, here are four burger recipes from four different corners of the world: France, Japan, Mexico, and the US. Mind you, when it's burger, it's all about the patty!

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