10 Places You Actually Need to See in Bern, Switzerland

Listed as a Unesco World Heritage, the picture-postcard city of Bern in Switzerland has certain provincial, laid-back air about itself. That said, it's almost surprising to know that it's s the capital of Switzerland. The city center of Bern features a distinctive grey-green sandstone-studded cobbled center, featuring a number of 16th-century fountains, covered arcades, bars, and cellar shops. The surrounding hilly landscape also presents an equally captivating narrative studded with picturesque views of the Aare River. Visiting Bern you'll be seduced and mesmerized by the curation of museums, architecture, and cuisine. Here is our pick on the top ten places that you should see in Bern, which includes attractions such as the Old Town Bern, Gurten, Rose Garden (Rosengarten), Cathedral at Münsterplatz St. Vincent, Federal Building (Bundeshaus), The Clock Tower, Zentrum Paul Klee (Paul Klee Center), Bärenpark, Bern Historical Museum, and the Einstein Museum (Einsteinhaus)

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