Cheesecake Bars 4-Ways for those with a Sweet Tooth

No matter how strict you are with your fitness regimen or have absolutely no interest in indulging in desserts - you must've had a cheesecake at least once in your life. Yes, that sugary goodness consisting layers of soft, fresh cheese, eggs, and sugar with a bottom layer made from crushed cookies; you can never say no to a cheesecake. Right? Well, there can be different varieties of cheesecakes. You can have ones made from cream cheese or ricotta, or have the base made up of digestive biscuits, graham crackers, sponge cake, or pastry. To help you satiate that sweet tooth, here are four different ways that you can prepare and enjoy your favorite form of desserts - the cheesecake bars. Just remember though, whether you have a cheesecake topped with fruit, fruit sauce, nuts, whipped cream, cookies, or chocolate syrup, always take your time indulging and never rush it.

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