6 Late Night Snack Recipes for those who are always Awake

Late night hunger pangs are common among working professionals and students alike. Even on the weekends, as you sit in front of the television cheering for your favorite football club, you feel the need to have a late-night snack. whatever the setup, having a late dinner alone will not be able to alleviate the cravings; you'll need to arrange a quick bite. That said, there are times when you get bored of having the same old popcorn or a bag of Doritos. Well, don't worry, for we might have a way-out for you! Here are six easy to make, yet exciting snack recipes to help you tackle late-night cravings. You can choose from: save and bake cookie dough, waffle grilled cheese, mini s'mores pie, spinach dip mozzarella cheese, cookies and cream truffles, and guacamole onion rings.

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