4 Astonishing Crepe Cakes that will Blow You Away

If you're wondering, crepe cake recipes are exactly what they sound like, cakes that are made out of crepes. And, let's face it, we all love crepes now, won't we? That said, what better way to enjoy crepes than stacking up multiple layers and layering them with stuff we like: lemon curd, frozen yogurt, pastry cream, or Nutella. Originating in France as the mille-feuille dessert, these crepe cakes are essentially a decedent and elegant no-bake cake comprising several layers of paper thin crepes. Therefore, you don't need to bake them, just stack them up, layer and layer, and then enjoy them as you like - with tea or coffee. To help you, here are four exciting crepe cake recipes that will surely blow you away. Presenting the recipes to prepare the rainbow crepe cake, tiramisu crepe cake, fruit milles crepe cake, black and white crepe cake. Enjoy!

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