6 Delightful Neapolitan treats to Surprise Everybody

The Italian city of Naples is not only blessed with a bountiful sea and centuries of culinary know-how, the region is also one of the epicurean heavyweights in Italy that offers some of the best pizza and pasta recipes, along with a delectable curation of seafood dishes, sweet treats, coffee, and street snacks. Neapolitan or “native of Naples" recipes combine a number of intuitive culinary styles, interesting ingredients, and flavors to deliver one of the best cuisines that you'll ever come across. To celebrate the authentic Neapolitan flavors, here are six interesting recipes that you can prepare for your wedding anniversary, kid's birthday party, or even the weekend get-together, namely Neapolitan baked Alaska, Neapolitan macarons, Neapolitan ice-cream pops, Neapolitan brownie bomb, Neapolitan milkshake, and Neapolitan ice-cream cone cupcakes

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