The Drone Chronicles: Sal, Cabo Verde

Jutting up from the Atlantic, almost 500 km to the west of Senegal, you can easily spot the stunning island chain of Cabo Verde, partly of its captivating ensemble of mountains, beaches, and seaside villages. Out of the several pristine islands here in Cabo Verde, the Sal especially captures our attention with its distinctive, undulating windswept dunes that merge seamlessly with the indigo-blue seas, forming unspoiled beaches of powdery white sand. Despite being regarded as desolate, Sal receives hundreds of tourists each year, far more than any other island in Cabo Verde. While the package-holiday crowd is a permanent feature, it's not surprising to see even hard-core windsurfers frequent the shores here. To top it all, Sal has a fine roster of pleasant restaurants, a thumping nightlife, and lovely beach-side resorts, where you can put-up, unwind and enjoy.

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