Exploring the Mystical Beaches of Crete, Greece

The island wonder of Crete is a magical tapestry of splendid beaches, landscapes, and ancient treasures that encompasses the spirit of its dreamy locale and culture. With an absolutely bewitching scenery, one often wonders if there's something undeniably artistic about the way the Cretan landscape unfolds, as you traverse from the sun-drenched beaches in the north to the rugged canyons spilling out the cliff-lined southern coast. In between, you will also fine valleys cradling moody villages, round-shouldered hills that serve as an overture to the snow-dabbed mountains, and of course, the orchards on the Lasithi Plateau. As far as the beaches are concerned, no matter what you do: boat, kayak or snorkel in the crystalline waters, your footprints will leave a mark on the sandy beaches and etch out memories for a lifetime. Just to give an idea of the magnificent phenomenon that is Crete, we resort to the aerial vantage point as we explore the Lakki Beach, the mountains near Melambes, Frangokastello, parking bay near Rethymnon, Kommos Beach, Kournas Lake, Vathi, Elafonisi, Kedrodasos, Preveli (Palm Beach), Ammyodaki Beach (Damnoni), Shinaria Beach, Seitan Limani, Stefanou Beach, Aspri Limni, and Balos.

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