5 Amazing Meatball Recipes for the Weekend Family Dinner

Meatballs: Woah! From the fondest memories of our childhood to the holiday celebrations of our adulthood, meatballs are always there, the juicy balls of goodness. The earliest records depict meatballs to originate from the native cooking styles of Shandong, dating back to the Qin dynasty in Asia. In Europe, the records state them to be included in the ancient Roman cookbook Apicius and various other Arabic cookbooks. No matter where you look, even our ancestors were hooked on meatballs and invented several techniques to improve the recipes. While we are all mesmerized by the likes of Poume D'Oranges and other meatball recipes, here are five modernized, yet amazing meatball preparations for your perfect weekend family dinner, namely, cheesy meatball bake, Swedish meatball pasta, garlic bread meatball ring, BBQ meatballs, and spinach stuffed meatballs

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