13 Awesome Things to Do in Rome

Italy's capital city, Rome has a history dating back to the times of Julius Caesar, Octavian, and Hadrian, among others. The remnants are still visible across the city with structures such as the Roman Forum Pantheon, and Colosseum. That said, Rome is a haven for thousands of art enthusiasts and avid travelers, who relish the trove of art housed at the Vatican Museums and splendid Italian cuisine. For some, Rome is the “City of Seven Hills", while for others it's the “Eternal City". Therefore, be sure to take time to enjoy la dolce vita - Sunday morning shopping at the Porta Portese flea market, historic tours through ancient Rome (Colosseum, Roman Forum), hikes to the top of St. Peter's Basilica, and visiting the Trevi Fountain. The legend goes that fate brings one back to the Eternal City!

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