World’s Most Dangerous Railways that will Make You Cringe

The world is a strange place; there are a number of things, both natural and man-made, which baffle even the ardent non-believers. One such example of extremely cringe-worthy and dangerous man-made phenomenon is the railways. Around the world, there are railway systems that traverse through deep gorges, near vertical descents, active volcanoes, and even across the sea. That said, many of these railway systems feature some of the most secure, amazing, unbelievable and incredible railway routes that offer irresistible ascents and jaw-dropping drops. In this video, we have curated some of the most dangerous railway routes including the Maeklong Railway, Thailand (the route passes through a congested street market), Nariz del Diablo, Ecuador (considered the most difficult train journey in the world), Pamban Bridge, India ( the route passes through a breathtaking 100-year-old sea bridge still operating), and Ferrocarril Central Andino, Peru (second highest railway in the World)

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