10 Best Eateries and Restaurants to Explore in Madrid

In one word, the cuisine of Madrid, Spain's capital city is rustic; Meat, bread and laden with cheese, Madrid's food is best tasted in tapas (samples of Spanish dishes that are served in small plates that come free when ordered with a drink at a bar.) Although there are few traditional tapas bars left in Madrid now that serve free tapas, there is no slackness in the quality of food served across restaurants and eateries across the city. First up, there's Estado Puro, located near Neptune's Plaza on Paseo Del Prado. The elite restaurant run by Michelin-starred chef Paco Roncero, the menu features classic Spanish fare served with an artistic, modern twist. Then, there is the incredibly popular Mercado San Miguel which offers ready-to-go tapas along with coffee, desserts, cocktails, and produce stalls. In Madrid, you must enjoy the classic Spanish specialties including paella (rice with fish), tortilla Espanola (potato omelette), paella (rice with fish), croquettes (fried breadcrumb rolls typically filled with cheese, mashed potatoes, and meat), and patatas bravas (sauteed potatoes typically served with a spicy aioli). That said, the country's most beloved dish is the simple plate of Jamon Iberico or Iberian ham. So, you should definitely try that as well.

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