6 Slow-Cooker Meals that will Surely Make Every Family Dinner Healthy

They say that the wisdom of our forefathers is unparalleled and truly marvelous. Well, it's true! Be it architecture, civil code, or even cooking techniques, the knowledge passed down generations after generation is remarkable and surprisingly relevant even today. Take the crockpot for example: also known as slow-cooker, this countertop kitchen appliance was our mother's secret weapon. Nothing she made using the slow cooker was tasteless or unhealthy. Even today, when times are changing and newer kitchen apparatus continue to make inroads into our lives, the slow cooking technique still remains unfazed and popular. With the crock pot, you can make a variety of recipes including pot roast, soups, stews beverages, desserts and even dips. Here are our favorite six slow-cooker recipes that are not only healthy but pack a flavorful punch as well.

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