An Overview of Popular Street Foods in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago, the southern Caribbean islands can be best described as a cosmopolitan oasis of the Creole culture, bustling with activity and the birthplace of the limbo and the steel drum. Both the islands portray a distinctive cultural eclecticism, astonishing wealth, and unparalleled serenity that is quite an extraordinary mix, seen nowhere else in the Caribbean. While tourists are attracted here by the immaculate white-sand beaches, they end up appreciating the local street food more. In Trinidad & Tobago, visitors can find ample distinctive food choices and cuisines ranging from Creole to Chinese, African to Indian, and West Indian to European. That said, the dining options here are delectable, affordable, and lip-smackingly good. While crabs and dumpling feature extensively across the islands, people also have a special liking of the roti (or flatbread stuffed with fish, chicken, goat or curry).

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