Top 10 Places to Visit in Croatia

Located in the Mediterranean, the ancient walled city of Croatia needs no introduction! The extraordinary island-speckled coastline culminating into sapphire waters, dazzling white pebbly beaches: Croatia is the perfect destination for both avid travelers and first-timers, who wish to spend some time relaxing, and devouring trashy holiday novels while listening to the waves disintegrating into the pebbly shores. Moreover, the Croat history is a horrifying, yet fascinating affair, with instances of heroically-fought wars, sieges, and tales of competing empires, kingdoms, and republics for several millennia. Subsequently, the country boasts of a cultural legacy comprising Napoleonic forts, Venetian palazzi, Roman columns protruding from pre-historic Slavic churches, socialist realist sculptures, and Viennese mansions. If you're lucky enough to be able to get invited into a local's home, you will be truly surprised by the Croatian hospitality, simple home-style cooking, olive oils, and of course, Croatian wines!

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