13 Things Not To Do in the Big Apple (New York)

Often regarded as the greatest city in the world, New York or the Big Apple is one magnificent, bustling metropolis. Here, you can find an eclectic mix of people, cultures, lifestyles, and cuisines that is bound by one single emotion: a zeal to live life to the fullest. New Yorkers are some of the most ruthless people in the world, yet they know how to make the most of every single moment. They don't have time to stop and ponder over life; they believe in experiencing it! Therefore, it is natural that being an outsider, visiting the city for the first time, things might seem a lot different from the popular sitcom culture that you have been accustomed to growing up! If you don't want to stick out like a sore thumb, here are 13 things not to do when in New York.

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